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Exporting Maps from TILED

Posted: Sun May 25, 2014 1:20 am
by sv7
I just purchased Tiled to Unity and I'm having some trouble getting my prefabs created from my exported TILED map. I watched the YouTube tutorials, but those didn't really seem to answer my questions, as I do not have (and do not intend to buy) Maya to use this script. Does my TILED map need to have any specific settings to work with Tiled to Unity, or are there any pitfalls/gotchas I might have missed from the videos?

What is the general workflow of Tiled to Unity without Maya?

Re: Exporting Maps from TILED

Posted: Sun May 25, 2014 4:16 am
by dez
Hi there!
thank you for your purchase.

That i can think of, there are 2 things you might consider:
1) is that the tiled map must be saved as base64 uncompressed (i forgot to say that in the video, but it does give you an error in Unity that should tell you this if you try to load another kind of map). The map must also be orthogonal (a grid map, not a hex map).

2) and the last few seconds of the intro video.
- that your tiles in your 'setup scene' must be placed at tile size intervals
- that the position of your tiles in 3D matches their position in the texture map you are using in Tiled
- that variants are placed vertically as I show in the videos
- the tiles have to be placed along the x+ z+ quadrant with 0,0 at their upper left corner in Unity

in fact you don't even have to do the things in #2 in your 3D program if you would rather arrange your tiles manually in Unity. (I don't recommend this, but I tell you just so you know that doing the things in #2 in your modeling program is simply part of my suggested workflow, it is not a requirement for the tools to work). It's only important that they end up as described in Unity, and however you want to get your tile models into those positions in Unity is ultimately up to you.

I'm not totally sure if I answered your question though, can you be more specific as to where you are getting stuck?
Feel free to post more questions if you run into any trouble.

Re: Exporting Maps from TILED

Posted: Thu May 29, 2014 6:34 pm
by dez
BTW I just thought of something else that could be a 'gotcha' if you don't plan propertly: the materials you use for your tiles.
Depending on the perspective and size of the view in your game, if you are showing many tiles at once you will want to use very few materials on all your tiles: like only 1 or 2 materials if you plan to show thousands of tiles at once.
You can use more materials if you show few tiles at once.

Optimizing geometry is a huge subject, but just thought I would mention it since I don't know how experienced with this you might be. I give some suggestions in the included help file for this as well.

Were you able to get your prefabs generated?