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Official Map Difficulty Feedback

Posted: Thu May 21, 2015 9:24 am
by HexZyle
Different maps provoke different gameplay strategies, have different subversion routes, places to hide things and cause general mischief, and may be more or less difficult for the player controlling Robosaru to establish effective dominance over the bunnies.

I would like to take a vote regarding which map you find is the most difficult to control bunnies in while playing as Robosaru.
Alternatively, or additionally, you can vote which map you think is the easiest to escape the Robo's vision and disOBEY in. Please consider places to hide items, build corpse factories, and how difficult it is to subvert in general.

You can select up to 2 maps, and you can also change your vote if you change your mind after playing more games, or if more maps are added.

Please do comment explaining your vote. Also note that a map is harder to control as Robo, and easier to subvert as a bunny if there are more people playing.

Finally, if you think there are maps that are too easy to control as the Robo player/too hard to subvert/disOBEY in, please do mention them too.

If you need to refresh your memory on what any of the maps are, you can see their overview and basic descriptions here: