HexZyle's list of (subjectively) small improvements

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HexZyle's list of (subjectively) small improvements

Postby HexZyle » Wed Jan 21, 2015 10:56 am

Holographic Lines for Laser Fence Placement
Often it can be difficult to see whether or not a laser fence will line up with another or not, especially when you're not facing down where the fence will appear. Having a holographic line appear whenever the current placement could generate a laser fence would make placing fences far less of a meticulous task.

Bunnies currently do not have any method of identification. Bunnies with collars on should have their name displayed above them to Robosaru.

Personalized Colors
As one of the personalized settings, (in addition to Name and Takeover Message) players could enter a color's hexadecimal code. This would affect the color of their name on the scoreboards, and also the color of their collar while they are wearing one. (texture, and Indicator color) An additional concept could be to retain the collar color even after it is removed, so an attentive Robosaru can figure out just who is roaming free.

Robosaru gets the C-marker commands, so it would also be cool if bunnies got a similar menu which displayed visible emotes above the bunny's head. For instance: an icon to indicate that they wish the autopay to be raised, or that they want to be paid, an icon that symbolizes affirmation (or would this undermine the ambiguity of bunny actions?)
I am curious though if the visibility of these icons would be enough to draw attention to the bunny even if they are in the dark, and if that would be a bad thing.

I would like to ask how often the pointer gets used. I can't say that I've played much of the game, but it didn't seem like the pointer was much of a priority when the bunnies had plenty of other things to carry.

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Re: HexZyle's list of (subjectively) small improvements

Postby dez » Wed Jan 21, 2015 12:04 pm

Hi Hex!

some great ideas here:
-Holographic Lines for Laser Fence Placement
this is on the TODO list

will NOT be done. As you get better you will start to appreciate your anonymity. It is part of the game. Good players know to try to hide among newer players.
At most I might put a name above robo to indicate who is in robo.

-Personalized Colors
Yea I gotta think carefully about where the color would show up. Because the scoreboard already does use green to indicate your own name from the others, and later will use other colors to indicate alliances. I like hte idea though of having some customization around the anonymity thing.

this is a fantastic idea. I definitely will add this. I was going to put some things in a bunny context menu, but you are the first to suggest this specifically, and its a great idea. I put it on my todo list.

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Re: HexZyle's list of (subjectively) small improvements

Postby HexZyle » Wed Jan 21, 2015 12:16 pm

Thanks for the reply! I find it's the smaller things that really make a game, especially this type of thing when there's already a lot of complex interactions that shouldn't be disturbed without good thought. I'm definitely not experienced enough in the game to understand what new items could be added, and I am unsure if new items even need to be added as the game is already pretty deep.

I'll add to this list as I think up more things.

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