exhausted bunnys need some rest

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exhausted bunnys need some rest

Postby Fr33dum » Fri Jul 24, 2015 10:56 am

Bunnys could have a Stamina Attribute that slowly goes down (depending on how heavy items they carry, how much they walk around etc)
Because of the game changing effect i would suggest this optional in the server settings.

1. only visible to Bunny itself, not other players or Robo (altho other players could see it by how heavy the bunny is breathing or smthing like that)
2. when it goes down the Bunny becomes slower and thus less effective at work, up to a minimum of 50% or smthin like that
3. to restore it the Bunny needs to rest: has to eat some grass (walk into grass ground) and do 'nothing' or go swimming for example
4. on death Bunnys respawn with full Stamina
5. would lead to situations like: fresh spawned and lazy-hanging-around Bunnys are much faster than all-day hard working Slaves, faster at racing etc, and this compensates the disobeying not working bunnys for the money loss
6. optional: Collars could have the option for the Overlord to inject some drugs to restore Bunnys Stamina, but doing so is taking his attention away cause he has to keep track of exhaust level (Bunnys have to tell him since he cant see it himself) - this option should cost him money, like 50-100c to make sure he doesnt use it too often (drugs are expensive!) - could make another 'ammo-like' item out of it that bunnys have to drop into box first - or even the option to boost Stamina beyond 100% to give Bunnys a short boost

--> the Overlord has to give his Bunnys some "free time" to rest to make sure they work at 100% efficiency
--> good way to make a run: 'oh master im so exhausted, i just go over there to the meadow to rest...' or 'let me just hop into the river for a swim...yea, exactly, the one that leads to the back of ur Robo...'
--> tricking the Overlord to take more 'breaks' than are really needed and by doing so all the work becomes hilariously ineffective when evry bunnys takes a rest evry 2mins
--> Overlord could not alow bunnys to rest at all, so they become vry exhausted and slow at subverting. In this case a Bunny would have to trick him or do a rest when he's looking away to make sure to have full Stamina for the run to the door, this means u have to plan ur run and kinda 'prepare' for it
--> (optional 6.) causing alot of distraction for Overlord by Bunnys constantly demanding for drugs or rest
--> (optional 6.) Bunnys could buy drugs by themselves to prepare for the run

Good balancing on the drop and restore rate of Stamina is vry important and would be crucial on this to not break the game!

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Re: exhausted bunnys need some rest

Postby Fr33dum » Fri Jul 24, 2015 5:55 pm

think that would be an elegant way to implement the feature of having Bunnys at different speeds
and the drug use could satisfy the community demand for short speed boosts

and if u could implement different looks for different states of exhaustion (not to be seen from far view, u have to zoom in) it would add so much vibe and realistic feeling to the game, like... when ure standing at a hills top looking down at all the Slaves working, u look so healthy and vibrant, compared to all the broken-down ill and shred bunnys, with their ears and fur hanging down...

P.S. ive read the Story ingame that u wrote, its great! I love it!
point 5. would support ur philosophical social-critic approach by simulating Burnouts from hard working vs. relaxed, healthy and more potent people who dont work that hard but got less money, cause money dont mean evrything to them, but their freedom and easy way of life is more important and beneficial in the end
-> as it is now, a Bunny gets no benefits at all from just refusing to work and staying in place, so ure literally forced to work as hard as the others if u dont want to fall behind, with Stamina u get a good compensation for the money loss (like in real life)

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Re: exhausted bunnys need some rest

Postby dez » Tue Aug 04, 2015 11:41 pm

These are very interesting ideas :D

I had considered making carried items slow the bunnies. But I decided to shelve it for now because it would slow the pace of the game down quite a bit: consider that the bunnies are very slow as it is.

I really like this line of thinking. I just don't see right now how to do this in non-gameplay breaking way.

As far as the drugs... that could be an interesting thing, if robo can drug up bunnies that they trust? Could be interesting actually..

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