Colored Collars

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Colored Collars

Postby Fr33dum » Fri Jul 24, 2015 7:45 pm

My thoughts on Colored Collars:

i find the idea mentioned before, of giving the overlord the ability to mark collars, like green yellow red and blue, really great!

1. only overlord should be allowed to do that, no bunnys
2. it should not be visible in the triangle above the collar or smthing like that, only the collar itself becomes colored, so u actually have to zoom in to identify the bunny - should not go from zoomed-out view, would be too much of advantage
3. if bunny gets killed and gets a new collar the color will be reseted, so u have to identify and mark the bunny again
4. if the collar is dropped it remains its color till overlord change or destroy it, this way bunnys can even change their colored collars between each other to trick the overlord
5. colors should be limited to only like 3-4 different ones, so u cant give evry bunny a different one to individually identify them like with names
6. because the main purpose of colors is not to individually identify the Bunnys, but mark em as loyal, dangerous or smthing similar, and for that its enough to have red, green and yellow for example, still allowing the bunnys to remain a level of anonymity

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Re: Colored Collars

Postby dez » Tue Aug 04, 2015 11:49 pm

This is a good idea.
it is a 'nice to have' feature though, so I will add it if i have time later on.
You can see it on the TODO list here.

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