Zooming in Pixation

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Zooming in Pixation

Postby bentford » Wed May 09, 2012 3:55 pm


I love pixation, it really is the best iOS app for pixel editing. After trying I immediately bought the plus version.

Only one thing I'm struggling with is zooming. The zoom function requires 3-fingers. One to push the hand, and two to pinch or pull. This is somewhat hard for me to accomplish.

I have two ideas for improving this:

-Press thumb on either hand, then one-finger-tap on canvas to zoom in, two-finger-tap on canvas to zoom out.


-Move email button into configuration screen (it is used less often anyway). Then, put zoom button in it's place. This would work by pressing zoom button with thumb, sliding other thumb on canvas to zoom. Right/Up drag will zoom in, Left/Down drag will zoom out.

Really any zooming that only requires two fingers is what I'm after.

I'll post my artwork here once I make stuff.



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Re: Zooming in Pixation

Postby LFA » Wed May 09, 2012 8:17 pm

Hi Ben,
thanks for your comments!
are you trying to utilize Pixation with 1 hand only?

It is true that Pixation is designed for 2 hand use (one thumb on the hand icon, your other hand used for zooming/drawing etc).
Is it possible for you to use it this way? Or maybe I am not understanding how you are intending to use it?

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Re: Zooming in Pixation

Postby bentford » Thu May 24, 2012 2:18 pm

Not trying to use Pixation 1 handed at all.

I use it with two hands and two thumbs.

Currently zooming requires two thumbs and a finger.

I actually have gotten used to the 2 thumb 1 finger zoom and don't find it hard to use anymore. But I did struggle in the beginning.

I still think my dream zoom control would be done using two thumbs:
* 1 thumb on the zoom button
* 1 thumb on the screen panning it left/right or up/down to zoom.

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