Love Pixation!

pixel editor for iPhone.
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Love Pixation!

Postby darwiniandude » Sun Mar 03, 2013 6:44 am

Ok, so I wanted an animated GIF of the 4WD selector in my car. Took photos, couldn't get the result I wanted. Found Pixation somehow on the App Store (maybe searching for GIF editor?) and downloaded the free version. I played with it for a couple of minutes the deleted it and bought the Plus version.

Very cool and well thought out little app. I used it in 2X on the iPad mini. Doesn't matter terribly about not being universal when your editing something 100x100 pixels really. :) Anyway, I like the controls and the layout, all works very well and is fast.

Here is the very basic result I was smuggling to achieve with other tools:

(It's a simulation of the 4WD state indicator on my Pajero)

But I'll certainly do some better pixel art stuff with it. :) Love pixel art.

Anyway, I get the impression from reading on here that the app hasn't been the success you'd hoped, which is sad. So I don't know how much extra attention to you plan to give the app. But if you do, I'd love the following two features which I think would be helpful for everybody:

When exporting gif:
Loop on or off
Time delay between frames

That's all. The exported file played way too fast. Maybe in Pixation Plus if there was somewhere to set the frame playback speed when you hit the play button in the app? And that settings is retained when exported?

I use a Mac and to slow down my exported animation I downloaded lots of different GIF editors, but they kept screwing with the colour pallets or aspect ratio etc.

In the end I installed Homebrew and ran brew install imagemagick (imagemagick being useful command line unix style image adjustment tools) and then did: convert -delay 100 -loop 0 input.gif output.gif

Would be nice if Pixation let you do this itself.

Anyway, fun app, thanks. :)

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Re: Love Pixation!

Postby dez » Mon Mar 04, 2013 1:04 am

hey there,

thanks for your feedback!
I am glad to hear you enjoy Pixation :D

Yea.. I was really hoping to take pixation far. I have a PC version and everything hanging out on my hard drive. but if i ever put this stuff out or give another pass to Pixation it would just be on my own time which is tough to make enough.

One thing you could do if you want a slower anim is simply double up the frames?
Not sure if this then makes it TOO slow for you.

Imagemagick is good stuff for sure! It's a good thing you seem to be a technical person to use it though! :lol:
If you REALLY want to control what your gif is doing aka frame times, compression etc... I might recommend gif movie gear too.
Pixation is a nifty tool for getting something quick and for editing in a simple no-headache way, but gif movie gear can really optimize it and control what it does.

Thanks for taking the time to write to me. I will def take your suggestions into consideration if I do go back to it! :)

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