OBEY Moderator Guidelines and 'Social Norms'

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OBEY Moderator Guidelines and 'Social Norms'

Postby dez » Sat May 16, 2015 2:40 am

Hi everyone!

A quick reference for OBEY mods and anyone else who would like to know about social norms in OBEY. This guide is intended for servers that are associated with this forum and development, as we can't control games on independently run servers. (if you want your server to be visited by our regular mods and sometimes mod on it let me know :) )

>>QUICK LINK to all Console Commands<<

  • Playing like a jerk or playing super hard-core (spawn killing, lying, and generally doing nasty stuff to other players to win) is always allowed and should never be punished by a mod. This type of play is part of OBEY.
  • On the other hand, harassment or bullying by one player to another should not be allowed. ie. "fuck you faggot bitch" is exactly the type of thing that can not be tolerated in OBEY games because as a social game, allowing this could ruin our awesome community for newcomers. Behavior like this should trigger an immediate warning at a minimum. If you rather not expose yourself as a mod, immediate kicking or marking the offending player as a troll might also be good responses. Use your judgement, but do something.
  • Harassment of female players To prevent any interpretation of "white knighting", you should avoid revealing yourself and don't ever ask a female player if she feels uncomfortable. Therefore I suggest to anonymously use /troll # if you want to have fun with the situation, or otherwise use /kick #. Female players get enough grief in online games (and often avoid revealing themselves as female for this reason, but this is not possible in OBEY). Therefore, we must all work to make OBEY a place where that pattern is broken and everyone can just have fun (and this includes action by female players to not be intimidated, and notify us of problems.)
  • If a kicked troll logs in again after being kicked, give them 1 chance to change. If not, then this is also a perfect time to use the /troll tool in my opinion. They wont know they were marked, and the game will take a horrible turn for the worse for them. Let them rage quit by themselves after a while. If you actually want to know what they have to say you can unmute them for yourself by using using the /mute # toggle, but don't argue with a troll, that will ruin the game for the others.
  • Players using outside VoIP (aka "Ghosting" via Team Speak or Skype): The main thing we want to avoid with this is splitting up a game into two VoIPs. Excluding any number of players from VoIP within OBEY is known to be very not-fun and frustrating. It is simply rude in OBEY to do this, so just mention it to the offending players nicely. My personal approach to this would be to first ask the players if they would like to invite everyone in the current session to join their external voip. If they dont want that or it's not possible then they should come join the in-game one. If they don't want to comply, or can't see or ignore your chats, I would kick. An alternative approach I have used is to turn the game into a 'troll the skypers' session where all the players that can communicate just work together to let the external players take the robot, and then make corpse factories and corpse the hell out of them for fun. This can really extend a game, so use with caution as it's much more preferable to include them into the game if at all possible.
  • When brand new players join, make yourself available to teach them, and encourage the other players to let them have a go at the robot and obey them at first to give them a taste. Make sure they learn at some point about corpses, crashing the dropship, and burning the door, as those are not included in the tutorial. Basically welcome them. There's no point in crushing n00bs, try tricking them with a simple lie at first, then make sure they got it before you start turning up the heat. 8)
  • No matter how 'slow' or obtuse a player seems to be, never get frustrated with another player, and never react to another player's crap attitude: Be Parental

If ever in doubt about when to warn or use /kick or /troll just think this: How can I keep this game a SAFE ENVIRONMENT? Sometimes that might be making a joke out of a nasty situation by using using the /troll command, other times just warning a player that games are heavily moderated might do the trick. It's up to us to keep OBEY awesome to play, our community super awesome, and have always have tons of really good players to test our intelligence and wit against in the game!!

About the /troll tool:
Reserve use of the troll tool for the worst kind of disruptive players only. It is a very mean tool if used at the wrong time. What the troll tool does:
  • A message saying "~~~ has been marked as a troll! (Shhh! don't say anything!)" will pop up for everyone except the marked troll
  • silences the designated player (mutes them for everyone). They can be unmuted individually again for yourself by using the /mute # tool.
  • their text chats will not be delivered
  • a big red arrow will appear over their bunny to all other players, but not to themselves. It will be impossible for them to hide.
  • if they are in the robot, their client will appear to be shooting normally, but in fact they will not be shooting in the server or in anyone else's client.
Clearly, this will make their game take a horrible nose dive for the worse, so avoid 'punishing' with the troll tool by activating it /deactivating it on a player like a time-out. If you feel like you want to do this, it's likely a case where the troll tool may be too harsh. Warn them or /kick. /troll is the end-all for the worst harassers, or players bent on disrupting the game via voice or chat.

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